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Heal your skin with Infrared sauna therapy

Heal your skin with Infrared sauna therapy

The skin is our biggest organ and just like everything else in your body it can get out of balance. We had a chat with Jennie Andrén on how Infrared sauna therapy has helped her battle psoriasis. 

The weather in Stockholm is not going easy on us right now, shifting from cold to warm in literally seconds. Our skin has a hard time keeping up and can get really dry and irritated when the air is shifting from warm and humid to cold and dry (and then back again). 

These schizophrenic shifts can cause skin issues like dry patches, eczema and psoriasis to go bananas. We know this can be really hard to deal with and we are SO happy to tell you that infrared sauna actually works wonders on skin imbalances like eczema and psoriasis. 

Jennie Andrén, one of our amazing LPG-therapists at HEAT, has been dealing with psoriasis for fourteen years. In her case, the breakouts are somewhat genetic but also very related to stress and her overall well-being. At first it started in the scalp and now the small, red, itchy marks appear all over her body when not regularly maintained.  

We asked her, how did you discovered the infrared sauna? 

– I’m a big fan of regular saunas so when I came across the Infrared sauna concept and read about all the additional health benefits of it I had to try. I had no idea that it could help with psoriasis, but straight away after my first session I noticed a difference in my scalp. Since then I've been trying to book a session every week, and if I can’t make it to HEAT or the infrared sauna for a few weeks for some reason I definitely notice a deterioration of my breakouts. 

Do you have any other tips on how to keep your breakouts under control?

– For me, the factors that negatively affect my psoriasis the most are smoking, cold weather and stress. I noticed a huge difference when I quit smoking. Summer, warmer weather and salty water also has a positive, calming effect on my breakouts so you find me close to the ocean during summertime. A few years ago I made some changes in my diet and the change that has had the greatest effect on my psoriasis was to stop eating meat. And of course, I’m really working on finding that work-life balance to keep my stress levels low - infrared sauna has actually helped me a lot in this area as well. 

Would you suggest infrared sauna therapy to someone else? 

– Yes absolutely, for anyone struggling with psoriasis or eczema I would definitely recommend them to give infrared sauna a try. My suggestion is to do a kick-start and have 2-3 infrared sauna sessions a week for a few weeks then once a week or 2-3 times per month to maintain the results.  

So, how does it work? 

The infrared light spectrum including near, mid and far wavelengths penetrates the skin and helps remove excessive and dead skin cells leaving the tissue of the body soft and resilient. Infrared light also helps deliver nutrient supplies to the epidermis layer of the skin, which is the thin outer layer of our skin. 

Psoriasis and eczema can often evolve when we get a cold or an infection in the body. While we are in the infrared sauna, the heat creates an artificial fever that supports the function of the immune system to get more resistant to infections that may be trying to invade through the skin.  

Not only does the infrared light therapy help renew the skin, it also interacts with the autonomic nervous system to create a state of relaxation and release serotonin in the body. Since skin related issues can be negatively affected by a high amount of physical or mental stress, this anti-stressing effect of the infrared sauna can help calm the breakouts as well. 

Are you dealing with psoriasis, eczema or similar skin related issues? Come by for a session in our infrared sauna and give your skin some healing infrared light therapy!

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