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HEAT by Sophia Lie is the first of its kind unique wellness studio that offers Infra-Red Saunas, LPG Massage, Signature Face Workout Treatments and other Face and Body Treatments. Think of us as a city retreat at the heart of Stockholm. We combine effective and result-driven treatments with the spa touch. We also sell our own branded innovative cutting edge technology, tools and products. We currently have a pop-up studio in a five star Nobis Hotel, Stockholm with new markets to launch in the nearest future.HEAT is a fast-growing business with plans to expand. We work hard to ensure we promote a positive and dynamic working culture and look after our employees. In return, we ask you to be a person with a down-to-earth personality, the right attitude and high professionalism. We believe that people perform better when they can be themselves and thrive in a healthy and supportive team environment.

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